Alice Hart-Davis

As a beauty journalist, I write about everything from new make-up trends to the latest anti-ageing procedures. I still get excited by discovering new beauty products, whether it’s a £5 mascara or a £500 face cream. I love my job and have won awards for my writing. I also help judge beauty industry awards and blog about new skincare and beauty brands on my personal website - www.alicehartdavis.com

I have written two beauty books for teenage girls: Be Beautiful and 100 Ways for Every Girl to
Look & Feel Fantastic
. To find out more and to buy online, please click on the links below:

Be Beautiful: every girl’s guide to hair, skin & make-up >

100 Ways for Every Girl to Look & Feel Fantastic>

And with a bit of help on the technical side, I’ve developed GOOD THINGS Skincare,
which launched in Boots in 2010.

GOOD THINGS is all about simple, effective and affordable skincare, with the added
benefits of natural ingredients that can deliver genuine beauty benefits and keep the skin
clear, healthy and radiant.

The first collection we launched was SUPERFRUITS, designed to target problem skin and much loved for its super-effective results. Since then we have developed two more collections, MANUKA HONEY and most recently, PORE-FECTLY CLEAR.


For: Clearer, blemish prone skin
Launched in 2016 our PORE-FECTLY CLEAR collection offers a simple skincare routine that combines Active Charcoal with Caffeine, Willow Bark Extract and Pomegranate to gently but effectively draw out impurities for deeply cleansed, clearer looking skin.

View the PORE-FECTLY CLEAR collection >


For: Young skin, problem skin
Our original products in the GOOD THINGS SUPERFRUITS range are all packed with superfruit beauty boosters and are designed to clear excess oil from the skin without stripping out essential moisture. Superfruit extracts from acai berries, blueberries and raspberries are rich in anti-oxidants and help to
reduce inflammation and tackle spots head on.

View the SUPERFRUITS collection >


For: Tackling the first signs of ageing
Carefully formulated to be the next step in your skincare routine, the
range contains natural ingredients from the bee hive to target the first signs of ageing while promoting healthy, balanced skin. Bee careful: Unfortunately the MANUKA HONEY range isn’t suitable for people who are allergic to bee and wasp stings.

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All GOOD THINGS products are FREE FROM ingredients that we would all prefer
to avoid. GOOD THINGS products contain no mineral oils or other petrochemicals,
no parabens, no micro-beads, sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate.
They haven’t been tested on animals.
no ingredients derived from animals either (if you’re wondering, ‘What about Manuka’, well, it’s nothing sinister, but several of the ingredients come from bees, and we can assure you there is
no cruelty to bees involved in obtaining them).